Free software to download flash vids

Flash videos.  Well, at least there’s one way to get around the imposed limitation of our platform: Grab Flash videos from your desktop and put them on your device.
In truth, the following method of loading vids onto your iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad will probably serve users best for keeping valued content with them at all times — not for casual viewing of random clips. Still, if you’ve been baffled by how to load whatever content you want onto your device, including Flash vids, take note of the following:
To start, you’ll want to download a Flash video (or .FLV file) from a vid hosting site.
Safari users can also do the following: Open the video webpage and press Command   Option   A That will bring up a list of everything that’s running in your browser. Then doubleclick on the video file. It may or may not show the .FLV file name extension here.
Once you’ve got a video, you’ll need to use a video converter program. Flvsoft offers a free software. There are also other programs available, like Handbrake. It’s a free open-source desktop application that converts vids into iTunes/iOS compatible formats. This is actually the one I use to convert Flash videos and more, like TIVO recordings, personal movies and other vids.