Transfer 1080p 720p iTunes movies to Surface RT for playback

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People take it for granted that they have the full access and control of the things they purchased, but things turn to be different when it comes to copy-protected contents. For instance, movies purchased form iTunes Store can only played on Apple iOS devices- your Window 8 tablet will not play iTunes movies because of DRM restriction. If, however, you’re going travel in the following week and plan to take some iTunes movies in the newly bought Microsoft Surface RT for watching on board, here’s a guide telling you how to get rid of DRM and convert iTunes movie to Surface RT tablet playable video.



1. DRM removal tool- Pavtube ChewTune ($29). Click to purchase the app or download a trial from here (Windows 7 only) - a trial puts watermark on converted videos.

2. Windows 7 desktop or laptop. If you’re running Mac, click here.


Before conversion you need to change iTunes options:

1. Start up iTunes, and switch to “Movies” under LIBRARY.

2. Select the movies you’d like to convert, right click and select “Get Info”.




3. In the “Multiple Item Information” window, switch to “Options” tab, find “Remember position” and select “No” from its drop-down list. Click “OK”.




Now you’re ready to remove DRM from iTunes movies with Pavtube ChewTune

1. Run Pavtube ChewTune, click “Add” button on the main interface to import iTunes movies, or you may drag and drop the movies from iTunes Movie Library to the software.


Microsoft Surface RT DRM Video Converter


2. Click “Format” bar and select "Windows > Microsoft Surface Windows RT H.264 Video (*.mp4)" format, because H.264 .mp4 video play well on all the tablets on market, and it’s also a streaming media format, meaning you can stream H.264 .mp4 video to HDTV. 


3. Click “Convert” to DRM-free iTunes movies. The conversion proceeds as iTunes plays the movies. So DO NOT turn off iTunes until the conversion is completed.




4. When conversion completes, click “Open” to locate the DRM-free movies. Now you’re ready to transfer DRM-free iTunes movies to Microsoft Surface Windows RT slab.


If you’re a great movie fan that prefers having full access and control of your purchased DRM movies, videos, DVDs and Blu-rays in one media library, get the money saving bundle (Chewtune + Blu-ray Video Converter Ultimate) at Pavtube Special Offers.

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