Stream iTunes contents (movies, TV shows) to Transformer Pad Infinity for playing in Full HD

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iTunes is a good stuff for users to purchase movies, TV shows, games, apps etc. As we know, the contents purchased from iTunes can be FREELY streamed to Apple's products, like iPad, iPhone, iPod, Apple TV.


What if you put iTunes .m4v movie purchases to ASUS Transformer Infinity TF700? Well the device will give you an error message that the movie CAN NOT BE PLAYED. Because movies and TV shows purchased from iTunes are all DRM-protected. Even if you have spent money on them. Feel unfair? The following workaround may work for your needs.

Tools used for DRM removing: 
ChewTune for Windows | ChewTune for Mac
Tip: Windows users can get free Profile Patch for Infinity from here.

Before conversion you need to change iTunes options:

1. Start up iTunes, and switch to “Movies” under LIBRARY.
2. Select the movies you’d like to convert, right click and select “Get Info”.

3. In the “Multiple Item Information” window, switch to “Options” tab, find “Remember position” and select “No” from its drop-down list. Click “OK”.

Now you’re ready to convert iTunes movies for Transformer Pad Infinity

1. Run this iTunes to Transformer Pad Infinity converter, click “Add” button on the main interface to import iTunes movies, or you may drag and drop the movies from iTunes Movie Library to the software.

2. Click format column and choose Android> Asus Transformer Pad Infinity TF700 Full HD Video (*.mp4). This format is perfectly supported by Asus Infinity TF700.

3. Click “Convert” to create DRM-free iTunes movies. The conversion proceeds as iTunes plays the movies in background. So DO NOT turn off iTunes until the conversion is completed.

When conversion completes, click “Open” to locate the DRM-free movies and transfer DRM-free iTunes movies to ASUS Transformer Infinity 700 via USB connection. Then, you can watch/play iTunes movies on Transformer Pad infinity freely.

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